Melis Kuris

Stylist x Day // DJ x Night

Being raised between Turkey and Texas while visiting New York, and setting her sights on California gave Melis a unique insight into fashion. She saw most of the world before many kids her age knew what a globe was. Her diverse upbringing allowed her to curate her own style and today as a celebrity stylist and fashion consultant, implements that aesthetic through mediums stretching from glossy print ads and red carpets, to music videos and silver screens.

Calling Los Angeles home while dreaming of far-off beaches, Melis works with some of the biggest names in the industry and does it all with a smile and a perfectly curated soundtrack. Moonlighting as a Celebrity Stylist by day, DJ by night, she brings two creative worlds hand in hand. She has been showcased as a DJ for Hollywood's most exclusive bars and parties. Her love for fashion and styling is only rivaled by that of DJing and French Bulldogs... and ballet flats... and going on adventures around the world... and not always in the order. 

Melis DJ Photo.png